Not just looking at box score with vague numbers or press clippings, Badgermetrics provides in-depth information and observations for University of Wisconsin football and men’s basketball teams to help you identify the details that make Badger teams specials as well as knowledge of upcoming opponents.

On Wisconsin!

My background

I’m just a cliché football guy … a gym rat and coach’s son. But seriously, football has always been my favorite sport, I was always one of the hardest workers when I played and my dad coached football at Big Foot High School, Beloit College and Hononegah High School for close to 40 years.

Though I never caught the coaching bug, love for the grid iron is in the blood …

Other highlights …
• Alum of the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English in 2006.
• For my day job, I work in the Marketing and Communications Department of The Graduate School at Northern Illinois University.
• Prior to NIU, I served 10 years in the athletic communications industry at Loyola University Chicago, Virginia Tech and the University of Utah.
• Spent two years covering football at the University of Utah, third contact in 2014 and promoted to secondary contact in 2015.
• If you want to know even more, visit my LinkedIn profile and my non-sports site at devineinnovation.com.

Take a look around and contact me to let me know what you think! On Wisconsin!